‘Topics’ – weekly round up 49/2013

‘Topics’ – Media Round Up – week ending 8 December 2013


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The week’s news was dominated by encouraging signs in the US and UK in regards to employment and growth in their economies. This can only be good news for the Irish economy as the US in particular normals sets the wheels in motion for a global recovery. There were only signs that the Irish economy is returning to growth with the news of a further reduction of those signing on the live register and the tax take ahead of target for November.

Irish Economy

  • Services sector growth eases but confidence blossoms in November. Read more
  • Consumers still not seeing the ‘feel good factor’, as consumer sentiment weakens. Read more

  • 73% of SMEs report stable or improved turnover – survey. Read more
  • Ireland named best country in the world for business by Forbes magazine. Read more

  • Numbers on the Live Register fell again in November. Read more

  • Despite signs of recovery, Central Bank warns of challenges. Read more

  • November car sales slow down by 8% – CSO. Read more


  • Exchequer figures show tax take ahead of target in November. Read more

Banking / Credit

  • Central Bank review dents Bank of Ireland’s capital cushion. Read more

  • AIB gets its assessment from Central Bank. Read more

  • New bankruptcy law comes into effect. Read more

  • ECB keeps rates unchanged at 0.25%. Read more

  • No changes from Bank of England on rates. Read more

  • Bank of Ireland raises €2 billion to repay State. Read more


  • UK house prices rise at fastest rate in six years – Halifax. Read more

Global Economy.

  • US economy sees faster-than-expected growth. Read more
  • US jobless claims see unexpected fall. Read more
  • U.S. unemployment rate hits five year low. Read more

  • UK announces sharp upward revision to growth forecasts. Read more

  • French unemployment hits 16 year high in third quarter. Read more

  • Business recovery eases as euro zone split deepens. Read more

  • Bundesbank raises growth outlook for Germany. Read more

Stock Markets

  • Global values advance on US jobs report.
  • Dublin Iesq rose 0.89%
  • UK FTSE 100 stocks climb 0.8%
  • 12 out of 17 European stock indexes rose
  • US stocks rose after a stonger than expected jobs report